NeoCon®, June 13-15, 2016, Chicago, IL. Submissions due Oct. 15, 2015
NeoCon East, November 9-10, 2016, Philadelphia, PA. Submissions due Apr. 15, 2016

You are invited to submit presentation ideas for consideration for future NeoCon shows produced by Neocon.

If you have an interesting program idea, you are invited to submit an application for our Call For Presentation. By submitting a program, you will help shape the educational conferences at various NeoCon events and the future of your industry. If selected as a conference speaker, you will gain visibility in the industry and contribute to the advancement of your profession. Complete the application on-line and submit it by the deadline listed for each show.


Please Review Evaluation Process / Guidelines / Speaker Expenses before you apply. START AN APPLICATION


The Evaluation Process
Members of the Program Advisory Committee evaluate all proposed programs based on the following criteria: overall quality, relevance to the industry, well-defined focus within the program track structure, practical applications of material, timeliness of the topic and speakers qualifications.

To be considered for the NeoCon Conference, your program must be educational in nature — that is, sales presentations will not be accepted. Industry manufacturers or vendors not exhibiting in the trade show are not eligible to speak or participate as a presenter. In addition, your material should be original; otherwise, sources must be referenced. For multiple speakers, each speaker must agree to this submission. Incomplete program submissions will not be considered.

The final program selections and notifications will be made four months prior to the show. You will be notified only if your program is selected.

Program Guidelines
Your program should address one of the educational tracks and program categories listed. Programs should be one hour in length of time, including a brief session for question and answer. We will seek continuing education unit (CEU) accreditation for all programs once they are selected. Programs should not consist of more than three speakers, including the moderator.

Speaker Expenses
NeoCon will provide round-trip coach airfare and one night’s hotel accommodations for those approved, eligible speakers who travel from outside of the show location and are selected to present. No travel or hotel expenses will be paid by NeoCon for speakers currently employed by manufacturers, permanent showrooms in The Mart, exhibitors or members of the Press. Speakers added after the selection process will not be reimbursed for hotel/travel expenses.

NeoCon reimburses eligible speakers hotel and travel expenses without honorarium.
Submission Deadlines
• NeoCon®, June 13-15, 2016, Chicago, IL. Submissions due October 15, 2015

• NeoCon® East, November 9-10, 2016, Philadelphia, PA. Submissions due April 15, 2016

Ten Steps For Submitting Your Program Idea

To be considered, complete the following steps on the on-line application..

  1. Enter the title of your presentation.
  2. Rate your course as basic, intermediate or advanced.
  3. Fill in the name, professional affiliation (if applicable), title, company or organization, address, telephone, and e-mail addresses of all presenters (no more than three, including moderator).
  4. Prepare a 75-100 word description of your presentation.
    1. Summarize course objectives, learning outcomes and specific skills attendees can expect to gain from your presentation.
  5. Include a mandatory brief professional biography for each presenter.
  6. Indicate that you understand you may have to submit a 3-5 page written paper for conference proceedings.
  7. Select the show(s) at which you are interested in presenting.
  8. Select the educational track most appropriate for your topic.
  9. Indicate the target audience.
  10. Indicate that you have reviewed the Review Evaluation Process / Guidelines for this Call for Presentations.

Submit your application online or mail a copy, postmarked by the submission date to:

Monica DeBartolo
Director of Programming
NeoCon Shows
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 470
Chicago, IL 60654 USA

Please Review Evaluation Process / Guidelines / Speaker Expenses before you apply. START AN APPLICATION

By completing and returning the application, you will be considered to present an educational seminar at selected NeoCon Shows.