All submissions will be reviewed by NeoCon show management and the NeoCon Program Advisory Committee, will become the property of NeoCon upon submission, and will not be returned. If you have any questions about this process please contact Monica DeBartolo at prior to completion of this page.
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Description* Prepare a 100-125 word description of the program presentation and summarize the course objectives, learning outcomes and specific skills attendees can expect to gain.
Learning Objectives* Please list four learning objectives. Please be specific. Each objective should be resultant and measurable. What will the attendee learn?
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Yes No * Does your program presentation qualify to Meet Health, Safety & Welfare (HSW) Standards? HSW in architecture is defined as anything that relates to the structural integrity or soundness of a building or building site. Does it cover interior design that is focused on protection of the public and the environment, i.e., codes, fire, Life-safety systems, barrier free?
My presentation is submitted for the following educational track*
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Dealer Strategies (e.g. sales and marketing)
Facilities Construction and Renovation (e.g. Construction Management Codes/Regulations, Interior Constructions/Renovations)
Facilities Management (e.g. Project Management, Long-range Planning, Buildings Operations/Maintenance, Human Resource Management, CAFM, Budgeting & Accounting)
Facilities Technology (e.g. Integrated Building Technologies, Energy Management, Acoustics, Fire and Life Safety Systems, Lighting Technology, Security, Communications Technologies, Wiring & Cabling)
Green Design (e.g. LEED Certification, Sustainable Materials, Recycling)
Healthcare (e.g. Hospitals, Acute Care Facilities, Senior Housing)
Hotels/Resorts/Timeshare Interiors
Institutional Design/Public Spaces (e.g. Schools, Dormitories, Government Buildings, Airport
Lighting (Lighting for Productivity, Sustainable, LED Technology, Energy Efficiency, Color in Lighting)
Office Design (e.g. Corporate Headquarters, Team Work, Workstations, Productivity, Hoteling, Ergonomics)
Professional Development (e.g. Business Development/Marketing, Client Relations, CAD/Virtual Reality, Communication Skills, Design Theory, Technology & Research)
Residential Design (e.g. Decorating/Design Trends, Home Office, Garden Design, Historical Perspectives, Technical Applications, Marketing/Business Development)
Retail (e.g. Boutiques, Chain Stores)
Wellness (The architecture and design process that support health and well-being throughout the built environment)
Other (please check box and enter below)
If other specify
Types of professionals to whom presentation is targeted. (Check all that apply, one or more required)*
Building Developers
Construction/Project Managers
Building Managers
Consulting/Specifying Engineers
Contract Furnishings Dealers
Corporate Executives
Facility Managers
Interior Designers
Space Planners
Other (please check box and enter below)
If other specify
*I have reviewed and understand the Procedural Content listed below pertaining to this Call for Presentations.

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    The Evaluation Process

Members of the Program Advisory Committee evaluate all proposed programs based on the following criteria: overall quality, relevance to the industry, well-defined focus within the program track structure, practical applications of material, timeliness of the topic and speakers qualifications.

To be considered for the NeoCon Conference, your program must be educational in nature — that is, sales presentations will not be accepted. Industry manufacturers or vendors not exhibiting in the trade show are not eligible to speak or participate as a presenter. In addition, your material should be original; otherwise, sources must be referenced. For multiple speakers, each speaker must agree to this submission. Incomplete program submissions will not be considered.

The final program selections and notifications will be made six months prior to the show.

Selected speakers for NeoCon will be notified by December 2020.

Program Guidelines
Your program should address one of the educational tracks and program categories listed on the application. Programs should be one hour in length of time, including a brief session for question and answer. We will seek continuing education unit (CEU) accreditation for all programs once they are selected. Programs should not consist of more than three speakers, including the moderator.

Speaker Expenses
NeoCon will provide round-trip coach airfare and one night’s hotel accommodations for those approved, eligible speakers who travel from outside of the show location and are selected to present. No travel or hotel expenses will be paid by NeoCon for speakers currently employed by manufacturers, permanent showrooms in The Mart, exhibitors or members of the Press. Speakers added after the selection process will not be reimbursed for hotel/travel expenses.

NeoCon reimburses eligible speakers hotel and travel expenses without honorarium.

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